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Transitional Growth changes your level difference with respect to your values, your resources and your mission and transport you in the heart of your vision. At the Eve of the 3rd Millennium, Companies have to concentrate on profits, move the needle from red to black, be ready for the restart with new ideas and seductive products. And this not only to ensure their survival on the market but also to imagine a florid future and be ready to respond to the call for growth that will replace the stall of the global crises. Mr Chinaglia has demonstrated a brilliant business acumen that allows him to analysis the totality of a Company and understand its strong points and its dysfunctional areas, find sustainable solutions and immediately apply them to have a drastic impact on growth. Cooperation and partnership are amongst the key words with which Mr Chinaglia plans and shows the necessary changes to reach final success. – Appleton Greene & Co Global

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Business development can be carried on through two parallel though different train tracks. In the first case we need to potentiate the reference markets through actions that are aiming at acquiring new targets of consumers and /or clients, modify the distribution methods or the present resources. In the second case, we have to work on the development of new and unexplored markets with actions that are determined by the analysis of the territory and the competitors, of demand and offer. According to Mr Chinaglia, when we talk about growth we need to enlarge the horizon of our own vision, because there are strategies that, if well inserted in the analyzed context, bring positive consequences on more front’s : optimize supply chain can generate an enlargement of the market of unexplored countries, a business partnership is the key through which many scenarios can open up in new nuances and infinite growth opportunities.

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Amongst the many experiences of Mr Chinaglia that we can quote, we can remember the one in Linde where business development has brought an increase of 100% in revenues in three years, moving from a negative EBITDA to a positive one. In LHTD Mr Chinaglia has also modified the organization by creating a new sales model made of nine independent geographical areas, in which sales and aftersales cooperated in a very tight way, having the same regional responsibilities. At the same time we cannot forget the success that OM had in Italy where Mr Chinaglia has translated negative results into positive (from -14 Mio euros to +7 Mio euro in EBITDA in five years).Turnover doubled and production costs have reduced dramatically thanks to a strategic choice of partnership with China.

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Service Methodology

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Every project must start with the will to listen and understand deeply the Company vision, its dream, without preconceptions and constraints. Once aspirations and intents are clear, we can proceed with the analysis on the existent, taking a snap shot of the detailed of processes, relations, successes, difficulties, markets and competition. Starting from here, we can imagine all possible scenarios fit to reach the level of growth we want. The solid experience matured in years and the constant updating with respect to markets and their peculiar characteristics guarantee the creation of concrete and applicable solutions, based on real needs, on the readiness to invest and the necessity of a return of investment. Given my complete skills and brilliant business acumen I am able to objectively understand and interpret complex situations and produce a strategy compatible with the objective and in line with the ideas of the Company.

The methodology of my service is bases on partnership with the Company and its Board of Directors. If we identify together the key profiles of the changing process, normally amongst the first line managers, we can proceed without generating tensions, actually creating a fertile under layer that can allow us to reach a spontaneous and sincere engagement from Human Resources. The Growth Team will support me during the preliminaries and will guarantee to the growth project a total adherence to the Company values and the maintenance of the untouchable pillars representing the name and its brands. Reaching the objectives will be ensured by a detailed monthly planning that will clearly define all steps, their impact and the expected results in the medium and long term, the inter-functional correlations and the repercussions at the level of image, reputation and revenues. In case of structural reorganizations, I design with the Company their new dimension and the new scenarios, I support the Human Resources function in the unpleasant task of getting rid of unnecessary staff/personnel.

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Service Mission

Appleton Greene & Co Global – I aim to transfer all my knowledge to the Company, through an accurate and detailed analysis of their aspirations, objective, needs, priorities and aiming at welding a partnership based on transparency and condivision, I can imagine growth path’s characterized by a courageous will that doubts and changes existing processes to adopt innovative solutions, adapted to answer to the changing needs of complex situations in a transaction phase and in structured international environments. Considering that every big change in life takes place through people’s engagement and commitment, I drive growth thanks to the commitment of HR in the process of evolution that can affect various departments.

Appleton Greene & Co Global – I operate in respect to the values of the Company and strive to emphasize the areas of strength and work only on dysfunctional factors, that guarantees a continuity in business and the sustainability of any project. What I guarantee to the Company is the certainty to be able to go on autonomously, with knowledge of the processes and the competences towards the medium and long term objectives, reinforced by a slim and dynamic structure. Hitting with passion and determination the common objective, I work side by side the change promoters by sustaining and spurring them until we can reach not only a business success but also an increase in motivation and dedication, unique indicators of personal affirmation and efficient and effective cooperation between teams.

Appleton Greene & Co Global Mr Chinaglia

Mr. Chinaglia EMBA MBA BS is an Accredited Senior Consultant (ASC) at Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene & Co Global – Mr Chinaglia is an approved Senior Consultant at Appleton Greene and he has experience in globalization, management and marketing. He has achieved an Executive Master of Business Administration in Leadership & Change, a Master of Business Administration in General Management and a Bachelor in Diplomatic Science. He has industry experience within the following sectors: Automotive; Consumer Goods: Retail; Telecommunications and Manufacturing. He has had commercial experience within the following countries: Italy; United Kingdom; Brazil; China and Russia, or more specifically within the following cities: Milan; London; Sao Paulo; Hong Kong and Moscow. His personal achievements include: business development by increasing revenues; cost cutting and manufacturing optimization; distribution system built up; led and implemented six sigma and re-engineering supply chain. His service skills incorporate: change management; re-engineering; business development; start-ups and mergers & acquisitions.

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20 Consulting Service Examples

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There are currently some 650 Accredited Consulting Services (ACS) provided by Appleton Greene worldwide. Here are 20 examples.

01. Business Administration
02. Business Development
03. Business Optimization
04. Crisis Management
05. Customer Development
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07. Entrepreneurial Leadership
08. Investment Consulting
09. Marketing Optimization
10. Marketing Transformation
11. Process Excellence
12. Product Management
13. Risk Analysis
14. Soulful Leadership
15. Sustainable Development
16. Transitional Growth
17. Value Innovation
18. Retirement Planning
19. Change Strategy
20. Product Lifecycle

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